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Traditional Fitness and Yoga mats are often clumsy and frustrating to roll up. We all have seen people walking out of the gym or yoga studio with their mats half unrolled or even falling out of their bags. Not to mention how many rolled up mats unroll themselves into a mess in the back of a car. Yes of course, you can use straps or even stuff them into a fitness bag, but there has to be a better way… and there is!

Innovation : Solution

Our Inventor, Aaron Thornton, a fitness and yoga enthusiast, decided to find a solution to solve this annoying problem. He set a goal to design a fitness / yoga mat that will roll up by itself and stay rolled up tightly while traveling or in storage without the need for straps or bags.

Inspired by a simple slap-on wristband and through many trials and errors, Aaron created a prototype of the very first self-rolling yoga mat. In the process, he not only invented a mat that rolls up by itself, but he also created a mat that stays completely flat while it is in use. Although the two self-rolling bands were still fully exposed in this early stage of the development, he knew he had something so unique and innovative that he began the process of applying for a U.S. Utility Patent.

Aaron, along with co-founder Dino May, then paired up with a long-time friend Yu Tsai, creative director of 88 Phases and celebrity/fashion photographer. The team began collaborating on the next phase of the design process to create a mat that is both functional and aesthetically beautiful.

Working intensively for a year, together with the help of engineers, product designers, and art director, YoYo Mats was created and our patent was granted!

How Does it Work

1. With TOP side facing up, simply toss or unroll your YoYo Mat away from you.
2. Unroll the mat completely, then give it a click to lock in your YoYo Mat to stay flat.
3. Practice your fitness or yoga with no worries of your YoYo Mat curling or bunching up.
4. When you finish, simply FLIP your YoYo Mat over. There are many ways to flip the YoYo Mat over. Your YoYo Mat will always roll up all by itself.
5. Or flip your Yoyo Mat over completely flat and then just give it a click. Your YoYo Mat will also roll up all by itself.
6. Give your YoYo Mat a tap and twist if necessary. Your YoYo Mat will stay tightly rolled up without any straps or bags.